Pendency of cases (125 KB)

Inviting applications for Oath Commissioners-2022(408.6 KB)

Constitution of Bench  w.e.f. 01.08.2021 (Bench at Nainital)(230.2 KB)

Office Order dated 25.6.2021 regarding Bench Constitution.(234.4 KB)

Revised Bench Constitution (D.B) w.e.f. 01.06.2021 (Bench at Nainital)(223.9 KB)

Re-Revised Division Bench Constitution for the month of May, 2021 (Bench at Nainital) (292.4 KB)

Constitution of the Benches for the months of May, June & July, 2021 (Principal Seat at Dehradun)(286.2 KB)

Bench Constitution  for the month of May & June, 2021(Single Bench) Bench at Nainital (225.1 KB)

Office Order dated 26.04.2021 in the light of G.O. dated 24.04.2021 Govt. of Uttarakhand & Notification of Hon'ble High Court of Uttarakhand dated 25.04.2021(357.8 KB)

Office Order dated 23.04.2021 in the the light G.O.  & Notification of Hon'ble High Court dated 22.04.2021(232.4 KB)

Office Order [Hearing of the Claim Petitions as per New SOP (312.4 KB)

Revised Bench Constitution April, 2021 (Bench at Nainital(295.2 KB)

Invitation of applications for the post of A.P.O. at Bench at Nainital(153.2 KB)

Notice regarding invitation of application for the post of A.P.O.(383 KB)

Situations Vacant(139 KB)

Office Memorandum dated 09.2.2016(1.7 MB)

O.M. dated 19.08.2015 along with final seniority list mentioned in the order dated 11.09.2015 (4.5MB)

Order dated 11.09.2015 regarding disposal of the objections (12.7 MB)

Annexure to Office Memo Dated 19.08.2015(574.2 KB)

Office Memo regarding Regularization along with Cadre-wise Eligibility List(15.6 MB

Notice Regarding Vacation(906.7 KB)

Separate list of the cases fixed in the month of June (1.1 MB)

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